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Welcome to Dave Beachy 4 Quartet
Do you miss listening to and singing the good old hymns from the past? Dave Beachy has been able to sing and record many of these timeless traditional hymns, singing all four parts in acappella harmony. Yes, he sings first tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass. He admits he certainly has a very average voice, but when you put four very average voices together in harmony it's remarkable how well they blend and you get a very unique and pleasant sound. He loves to sing and praise the Lord.

Dave and his family travel regularly to the Philippines where they have started their own Christian ministry with the very poor and underprivileged families and children in the small village where Maggie (Dave's wife) was raised. All proceeds from the sale of the quartet CDs go to help these families with food, clothing, medical/recreation/school supplies, and Christian education. These parents and children are so needy and appreciative of any help given to them.
Dave on a mission trip in the Philippines
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