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Philippine Ministry
When we first started going to the Philippines the main purpose was to visit Maggie's relatives, of which there are many. The majority of them live in a little village called San Nicholas. Without exception all of the families are very poor and live in quite primitive housing. Each year we visited we would make friends with more of the families in the area, especially the children. We started getting gifts for the kids at Christmas and birthdays and helping with food and clothing and games and recreation. My favorite thing to do was sitting on a stump with my guitar singing old time Sunday School songs and the kids would come from everywhere to join. We then invited several to go with us to a local Baptist church and discovered that the children were eager to attend Sunday School and learn about Jesus.

About this same time Maggie and I decided to have a house built in the area so we would have a place to stay when visiting there and a place to retire. After considering several beautiful building sites close to the mountains or in the countryside we felt the Lord leading us to build right in the midst of the poverty area where we had made so many friends. We made it clear to all the people that the place would be used for ministry to the community and was there for their benefit. After a year the house was built and things really started happening. By now we had way too many kids that wanted to go with us to Sunday School, so we started having meetings at our house on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We purchased the vacant lot next door, had it cleared and turned it into a little park area for everyone to play volleyball, basketball and have our outdoor meetings. Now that we have returned to the U.S. we've sent money over to have a meeting place shelter built on the lot also as the group has outgrown the house.

This past March together with a local pastor we were able to participate in a mass baptism service in the local river where 36 of our kids that had accepted Jesus were baptized. What a joy to have had a small part in leading these precious ones to the Lord. Since then many more have been baptized and the ministry continues with not only the children but many teens and parents are now meeting regularly at our place.

We recently purchased Bibles to be sent over to San Nicholas with names engraved which will really be special for the kids. We're also sending books, toys, clothing and shoes. We're anxious to go back this winter not only to visit all our friends around our house but to start helping others in neighboring villages. Everyone is so friendly and open to receive assistance, and doors are then opened to teach them the gospel. We are so blessed here in the U.S., and as Christians I believe we are mandated to feed, clothe, shelter, befriend those who are less fortunate. The smiles, hugs and happy tears from these beautiful people make it so rewarding.
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